First steps


From dating to friendship, from friendship to relationships and love!

The choice of each person is predetermined by his consciousness, inner content, upbringing, the circle of close and dear people, friends, acquaintances, interests, hobbies and desires. Of course, these are just some of the factors that are embedded in each of us. But they are key and basic in any choice of personality that one has to do to a person during the course of life. And one of the main choices is acquaintance. It is from the first glance that a desire arises to know more closely one or another person. We notice people anywhere in different circumstances. And all the above factors, as well as fears, doubts and complexes guide our actions. So why do not we drop them? Have you ever thought that passing someone you liked and not daring to make an attempt to get acquainted with him, you can lose someone important or something important in your life and in your choice? After all, the choice is actually done by you yourself. And only your prerogative to make this choice is simply a pleasant acquaintance, friendship, relationships, or to the highest degree – LOVE! If you are inclined to analyze this article and it is of interest to you, then we would like to share with you very fascinating information. So what is polyamory?

No encyclopedia, no scientific work, no treatise will fully reveal the true essence of this or that topic. And only people with their friendly attitude, attention, care, sincerity, frankness and feelings can give us to feel and understand the truth of relations and friendship. It is with such people you can get acquainted and make friends. Therefore, we suggest that you learn about the world of Polyamory not from the words of popular scientific publications, but from the example of people who live in a world of friendship, relationships and love.

The choice is always yours!