Dialogue – is respect. Or how communication affects relationships.

Pleasant communication – is the desire to continue dialogue.

Any communication begins with interest. Though interests are different, but the basis of any pleasant dialogue is respect. Someone attracts appearance, someone has inner content, someone finds common interests or similar traits of character and even behavior, someone wants to just learn a lot from other people. Yes, we are all different and drive different interests. But one thing unites us – this is the desire to communicate.

That is why I would like to concentrate your attention on the culture of communication. No one has the right to demand or impose rules of communication neither personally nor the Administration of the site. But to recommend and ask for respectful and courteous communication is our direct duty!

  1. Photo. Think about that, before you first write a person you like, he would be pleased to see in absentia the interlocutor. After all, you, by some criteria of appearance and information from the questionnaire, chose him, her or a couple to enter into a dialogue? And these people, too, along with you, have the same right to visual contact, at least from a photograph. It is by ordinary photography, where your overall appearance is visible, and not by a vulgar-vulgar, not high-quality photo with body parts or genitalia alone.
  2. Literacy. We understand that due to various circumstances all people can not be perfectly literate. And do not insist that the dialogue was conducted in a purely literary language with all the rules of spelling. But still, according to your literacy, people judge about your development and intellect. Therefore, try, to the best of your ability, to write competently.
  3. Circumstance. When someone writes to someone in the first greeting message, “hello, how are you?” or “get acquainted?”, What does this person expect? We think that it is unlikely that someone will respond to such a letter. Therefore, please accept our request and recommend respecting the people you write to. Write something that will interest the interlocutor. Tell us about yourself, your interests, about what you like, like in everyday life, if you want – touch on the intimate aspects. Try to justify why you liked those people to whom you decided to write a letter. We think that it will not be superfluous to have a pleasant and polite compliment in communication. It always encourages people to continue communication and has a closer acquaintance.
  4. Remember that sympathy is a delicate matter. It is not only appearance. For someone important voice, for someone a walk, for others a smell or a style of thinking. If someone did not show any sympathy for you, although you wrote a touching letter, or even met – this is no reason to be upset. This does not mean that something is wrong with you. Or that they are bad. Just people are different. In any case, communicate politely, without resentment.
  5. Write in the column “About myself” in more detail. Write about your goals, interests, wishes. This will greatly increase your chances of finding exactly the people you are looking for.

Recall that we do not force or insist, but try to draw your attention to respectful attitude to others. After all, you also want to be treated with respect and understanding, sincerely, openly and frankly.

Dialogue – is a mutual interest in communication and development of friendly relations! Show respect and your circle of friends will increase!