Site rules


This site is created primarily for those people who fully realize and appreciate such fundamentally important values of humanity as respect, friendship, relationships, feelings and love. Therefore, before registering and creating a questionnaire, we recommend that you:

  1. Realize how interesting for you is the idea of this site.
  2. What is your goal in registering on our website?
  3. We understand the importance of confidentiality. Therefore, we do not insist on media files, in which the persons in the profiles profile and in the photo albums will be clearly visible.

Registration on the site, use of nicks (logins):

  1. Important! All forms of registration are handled by the administration. Therefore, it may take some time between the registration of the questionnaire and its activation. Use it to formalize your profile, as well as read the Portal Rules and the services offered.
  2. Registering on the site for the first time, the user must fill in all the fields of the registration form. The publication of phone numbers, other personal contacts and addresses of third-party Internet resources in personal data is PROHIBITED!
  3. If an incorrectly identified information, phone numbers, other personal contacts or addresses of third-party resources are found in the profile, the administration reserves the right to block such profile without warning or to delete it without the possibility of restoration.
  4. It is forbidden to create duplicate or false profiles in order to deceive visitors, manipulate site and group rules, and bypass access systems to the site and to groups. If the site and group rules are violated, both the additional and the main visitor profile can be deleted.
  5. Prohibited nicknames, which are obscene or offensive expressions, as well as derivatives of obscene expressions.
    It is forbidden to use words in words, combinations of words, their derivatives, which are not used to communicate with unfamiliar or unfamiliar people, or communicate in public places.
    The user may be denied the use of nickel in case the spelling or pronunciation of the nickname is similar to the nickname previously registered, to the extent that it may mislead the visitors of the site.


By registering, you agree that notices and newsletters of our site will be sent to the postal address you specify at registration.

Very important!

On our site it is inappropriate:

  1. Placement of media files with one genitalia, or images of a pornographic nature are prohibited (photo and video materials of the erotic plan are allowed).
  2. Placement of articles, ads, comments pornographic nature.
  3. Placement of articles, comments and media files, defamatory and insulting people on the basis of ethnicity, religious, political and social belonging, on sexual topics, directions and orientations.
  4. Prohibition of profanity, profanity and distortion of linguistic spelling.
  5. It is forbidden to register fake profiles with profile photos in the form of images of invisible images of famous actors, politicians, famous figures of science and arts (if you are not such), drawn avatars and pictures, landscapes, still lifes, various vehicles, paintings, P. (only personal photos on the profile avatar and in albums are allowed). The cover of the profile can be any of the prohibitions contained in clauses 1 to 4 of this section.
  6. It is forbidden to post sex ads with people of any gender who have not reached the age of 18 (hereinafter referred to as “minors”), post advertisements about seeking sexual contacts with minors, offer sex with minors or publish sex descriptions with minors.

Placement of advertising, including advertising of other Internet resources:

  1. Advertising can be placed only in consultation with the administration.
  2. Placing without communication with the administration of the site messages of a commercial nature, advertising of any kind of services, goods, information resources, websites, printed or online publications – is prohibited.

Placement of links to personal information on the Internet:

  1. The profile is allowed to specify links to personal (home) pages, questionnaires on other dating sites, subject to the following conditions:
    1.1. Links contain information ONLY about the owner (s) of the profile. It is forbidden to leave links to the websites of organizations, groups, including swing club sites (except for links to personal profiles).
    1.2. Links do not have an advertising and commercial orientation.
    1.3. Links do not contradict Ukrainian law.
    1.4. If the conditions stipulated in point 1.3 are not observed, the profile can be deleted without warning.

Observance of privacy and personal safety:

  1. It is forbidden to disclose confidential information, both personal and commercial. Publish information that directly or indirectly damages someone’s copyrights or leads to the imposition of moral or material damage on someone. For example, it is forbidden to publish other people’s personal data (information about another couple, a man or a woman, personal correspondence, photos), personal correspondence, keys to licensed software, passwords to mailboxes, credit card numbers, etc.

Using photo albums:

  1. It is forbidden to use photos publicly from the site’s photo albums outside the domain of, without the consent of all persons shown on them (posting on other Internet resources, in the press, etc.). In addition, the use of photos within the domain is prohibited with the level of access set by the author of the photo (for example, it is inadmissible to publish the photo in public if the author has set the level of access to it only for friends).
  2. It is forbidden to display photos to people who are not registered on the portal, without the consent of all persons depicted in these photographs.

On our portal, a married couple can have up to three accounts – M, F, MF. In the case of a ban on any of them, all other accounts are automatically considered banned.

The “Friends in Love” resource does not allow the administration and moderators to be placed on the Black List. Violation of this rule entails a permanent ban until the situation is corrected.

By registering on the site you confirm your consent to receive group mailings and other materials of collective notification, sanctioned or inspired by the Administration of the sat.

The site administration reserves the right to modify and supplement the rules of this resource. People who violate these rules will automatically be removed from the site. Remember that the main idea of ​​the site is to dispel and destroy the stereotypes imposed by society and expand the circle of friends. Therefore respect, the right of people visually to get acquainted with you from media files of your profile, before offering acquaintance, communication and friendship. Treat each other with respect and love!